Who doesn’t love the action of a good football game or the adrenaline rush when the ball hits the basket with only seconds left on the clock in a game of basketball? Sports are action-packed, exciting, and enjoyed by just about everyone, whether guy or gal. In fact, many people are devoted to sports and their favorite teams. Sports fan take the game just as seriously as the players out there who are putting on the game. They’re rewarding, fun, and entertaining. Sports are all-around amazing. Personally, I think that anyone who doesn’t follow the Chicago Bears in the NFL doesn’t know their sports very well.  Everyone knows that this is one of the best teams to ever grace the field! This is only common knowledge, ladies and gentlemen.

Social media can help any sports fan increase their love of the game. There are a ton of ways this is possible. First, follow your favorite teams. Most teams have accounts on all of the major sites, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. When you follow your favorite teams, you’ll be the first to hear about player trades, salary increases, industry news, player news, events, and more. Plus, there’s always photos posted and it is great to see your players in action. I entered a contest to win a sports package using a social media form. Low and behold, I was the big winner of the package and it was nice to get this. So, you can do so very much when using social media to keep up with your favourite sports.

You can even use the sites to keep up with what you’ve missed. Sites like YouTube make it easy to watch UFC events after they’ve aired, as well as those games that you may not have seen due to a blackout. You’ll continue the fun by commenting and discussing sports in various aspects with others who love the action just as much as you. Sometimes things can get really heated when sports fans talk about the game and their favourite teams. That is a strong devotion that many people know all too well. Again, unless the talk is about how wonderful the Chicago Bears really are, I’m unsure the talk is qualified.

Have you ever met a sports personality? I’ve met a few in my time.  I’ve had a couple of run-ins at the airport with some sports names and went to school with a basketball star that most people know very well. If you have photos of the event show the world on your social media accounts. This is a good way to get likes for Instagram photos and get more followers at the same time! Plus, it feels good to show the world your meeting with someone famous!  You might even consider buying likes like a lot of people are doing to get more followers. It is easy and cheap to make this purchase and it works wonderfully!