Instagram is one of the hottest social media sites for the under 35-crowd that’s out today. A photo-sharing site, IG has individuals, businesses, and celebrities and artists across the pages. If you’re ready to showcase your musical talents, this networking site could help take your career to the next level.

It is free to make an IG account, so go ahead and do this if you don’t have one already. Make your profile interesting because the goal is to gain more followers. The more intriguing your page, the more people who will take notice and come see what you’re all about. Once your page is made, you can start following other musicians, influencers, celebrities, and others and get people to follow your account. The more people following, the more fun everyone has.

Add great photos to your page, but do not start randomly uploading every pic that is saved in the phone or that you like of yourself. As a musician, you want to make sure you capture the attention of onlooker with the photos that you post, and let them know you’re a is easy to post links to your videos, too. Five more fun, easy, and interesting ways to use IG to promote your music:

  1. Post photos from a recent gig. Whether you held a show at a local club or had a big concert, people want to see you live and in action. Post some of the best shots of the evening to appease the need.
  2. You can buy cheap Instagram followers and get all eyes on you. A lot of people buy cheap Instagram followers to help themselves to more followers and fans, more photo views and likes, and an overall improved amount of fun.
  3. Pose with fans and make sure these pictures make it to your page. Fans will appreciate your music even more when they know you take time out for them. Pictures provide that proof. Also allow your fans to upload their own personal pics together.
  4. It’s great to have lots of photos of yourself and the band on your page. After all, you want people to recognize and fan you, no one else. However, it ideal to mix things up and post a variety of types of photos of various things to keep it interesting. Post whatever pics you’d like, but check out trending topics for ideas.
  5. Photos of your possessions are great. Shoes, bags, belts, jewellery- it is all worth showing off to friends, fans, and family. These photos always get plenty of likes. Upload them while you can.

Instagram is a great site if you are a musician looking to promote yourself to the world. It is easy, cheap, and works wonders for all musical genres. Do not be shy when it is time to get your music out there. Upload the five types of photos listed above to your page and watch the fans come your way.