“It’s my page and I’ll post what I want” is a commonly spoken and typed phrase amongst those in the social media world. And while it is true that it is your page and most anything can be posted, there are always a few exceptions to the rule. Sure, some of these things can be posted to the site, but the ramifications of such a decision are not worth the risk. What should you avoid posting to your social media sites to avoid hassle?

  1. Pornography

No matter what you stream in private in your spare time, pornography doesn’t go on social media sites. There are kids out there who may see the posts and most it’s against the terms of service on most of the sites.

  1. Sensitive Information

Your home address, birthdate, telephone number, and other sensitive information aren’t for social media. Thus, don’t post these details to any of the sites you belong to. You never really know who is lurking behind the screen and with this information in the wrong hands, serious trouble could erupt. Besides, can you really sleep at night knowing all of these details are out there for anyone to see?

  1. Nude Photos

Some people would tell you that nude photos is how to grow Instagram followers and while for some that might work, it is not something that you should even consider for a second. Not only will it bring the wrong type of attention your way, it can lead to many other problems, including potential loss of job and a tarnished reputation. Anyone can access, save, redistribute, or otherwise use photos once they’re online. Do not take this type of risk. Buying followers for your Instagram account is a much safer way to get a boost.

  1. Pics of the Kids

Your children are your pride and joy and nothing makes you happier than showing them off to everyone who will look. However, posting their photos online for the public to see is never a wise idea. Sadly, predators are out there, lurking for children and show no mercy when it comes to your pride and joy. Make sure the photos you post are visible only to people that you personally know or those that you trust.

  1. Vacation Plans

It is exciting to get away on a vacation and even more thrilling to share the details with friends and followers, especially when traveling to an exotic or luxurious location. However do not post details of departure or return dates on social media and keep pictures of the travel private or viewable only by selected people. Posting these details could result in a home invasion or robbery since onlookers know that you are away.

It is so exciting to use social media. Once you learn how to grow Instagram followers and have many names behind you, the fun is even more exciting. However, everything is not for social media, including the five items listed above. Do not post these things to social media and regret it later down the road. There is so much more that you can post instead.